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Originally Posted by liam2317 View Post
Well you have a second subscriber now! This tank is awesome, I really love your choice of plants and hard-scape. It is clear that a lot of thought went into your layout.

I am also setting up a 1.5g cube myself and was hoping you could fill in a few more details about your tank. You mentioned you ordered LEDs for this tank, do you have them on it yet? What LEDs did you order for a tank this small? I'm also curious about your CO2 setup, any details you can share would be helpful.

Thanks, and again, great tank!
I actually never got around to ordering the LEDs.(I'm using a 13watt pc right now) But I'm planning on trying 3x3watt 6500k with optics. Just some cheapo brand off ebay because it's sort of an experiment. When I get them I'll post. And right now I'm using an Ista 45g disposable cartridge co2 system with a better diffuser than the one it comes with. I actually hate it but it does the job for now until I feel like paying for a better one. Also I put 4-5 drops of an all-in-1 fertilizer and 3-4 drops of excel a couple times a week. I hope that answers your questions.
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