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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
This is going to be a really sweet tank!

Any thought to the fish you will be putting in? I am interested to see how you setup the sump! Having African Cichlids most of my life I am used to having a sump, but with the planted tanks I use Canister filters, or at least I have so far. So I like to see how different people go about setting up their sumps!

Best of luck to Ya!
I think that on larger tanks using a sump is really the only way to go. You get the chance to put so much equipment in an out of the way location, that this fact alone makes it a far more preferable option. Heating/cooling, filtration, protein skimming, autodosing, etc. all in one location (out of the aquarium) is a win-win situation provided that emergency measures are available in a power outage. I too am looking forward at how this project progresses.
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