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I dont recall Aquarium Stock, but there are a few shops i wish were still around. Crystal Aquarium on 93rd St. And 3rd. Ave was a young fishkeepers heaven, rows upon rows of quality livestock. There was another huge store on 23rd street on the east side that also had beautiful quality fish. They had a huge saltwater and reef section also. My favorite shop by far was Trailers Tropicals on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. This was a little hole in the wall mom and pop store, but this is where i became a fishkeeper. Would go there for a few hours after school everyday and learned everything i could from the owner John. I would catch garter snakes back then and trade them in for fish. Eventually i started asking for more exotic stuff and John asked me if i wanted to go with him to the wholesalers place and i could pick out my own fish. Thats all it took, i've been addicted ever since. Wish these stores were still around.

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