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Originally Posted by drhemlock2 View Post
i have my jarduino working and i am making the individual probes and sensor boards etc. darkblade you mentioned wireless i have been trying to fogure out how to run the temperature probes wirelessly. i already have a web shield working and have done some research on using a radio freq to control it wirelessly do you have another idea i am not aware of perhaps some code to look at. i have also thought of doing a ph probe just for giggles and practice perhaps you can direct me to some cheaper probes then i have seen on fleabay. i am very interested in this project and hae already signed onto the mentioned website for collaboration on the bells and whistles and DIY projects any help would be great.
I am unsure how you would run/what the advantage of running the temperature probe wirelessly would be. You would still have to plug the temperature probe into a wireless shield/module, and then have it communicate with the main controller. Why not just have the probe hooked up to the main board?

As I mentioned, I just picked up my pH probe locally; there are lots of options on eBay for ~$20. They will probably work OK; you could always get the Pinpoint pH probe (a little more expensive). You probably get what you pay for, but at this point in time (prototyping), I just needed a pH probe that could measure pH, and do all the things I wanted it to do.


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