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wireless interesting

i have my jarduino working and i am making the individual probes and sensor boards etc. darkblade you mentioned wireless i have been trying to figure out how to run the temperature probes wirelesslyusing a wireless shield. i already have a web shield working and have done some research on using a radio freq to control them two i plan to use wirelessly do you have another idea? i am not aware of any working code using a wireless web shield i think jamie TheDOdblG on UK Reefs the author of Jardunio is looking into it but is limited in time do you have some code to look at? i have also thought of doing a ph probe also remote just for giggles and practice. perhaps you can direct me to some cheaper probes then i have seen on fleabay. i am very interested in this project and hae already signed onto the mentioned website in this thread for collaboration on the bells and whistles as well as DIY projects any help would be great.

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