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Originally Posted by rbarn View Post
Everywhere but the U.S. uses "," where we use a "." when typing numbers.

We would type 20.000, where in Europe and Asia they would type 20,000
So that would read 20 point 000 and not 20 thousand.
Us folks up here in Canada have to use the American system too (just to please you guys!)

This results in a mish-mash of metric/Imperial units in our everyday lives. I know my weight in pounds and kilograms, and my height in inches and centimetres (yes, I spell it that way too )

I don't use miles or feet for distance, but I will use inches for measuring things.

Currency wise, Canadians most commonly use a period to indicate the decimal point in currency.

So, $20,520 would mean twenty thousand, five hundred and twenty dollars
$20.52 would be twenty dollars and fifty two cents
$20,52 to me looks a bit strange, but I would recognize it as $20.52 as well
$20.521 to me would indicate (say) an exchange value to the tenth of a cent


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