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Originally Posted by james1542 View Post
They could work. Probably not worth the money, and they don't seem terribly efficient for an LED, at least one of the 20w I clicked on was rated at 1000 lumens, which isn't very good. I have 2 from ebay, ones a 3x 3w, and ones a 4x3watt, they are very bright and i think the 9 cost around 5 bucks and the 12 around 12 bucks because its straight up blue light. They have an optic on each led that focuses the beam which is nice. Look for "e27 LED spotlight" the ones with multiple 3w leds are pretty good.
Good to know. I did see that most bulbs had only marginally better lumens per wattage compared to CFL's. I was thinking that it would still save some power, and get me started on LED's. I can mess this up once as I do have two incandescent spotlights in my garage that I would like to get rid of but it may just be better to use CFL's which are much cheaper and do a true LED build later with all the fancy stuff.
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