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Anyone using screw in LED spotlight bulbs?

I have been wandering around Lowes quite frequently and I keep seeing LED spotlight bulbs. The come in many styles, from what looks to be 1 powerful LED to having 7 or more LED's. Wattage is in the 9-25 watt range.

I guess my first questions would be are they useful? I am looking into a simple and somewhat cost effective way to try LED's before I build a fixture from scratch. However, they range from about $30-60 per bulb so it's not cheap enough for me to just try them out and see what works, like CFL's. I really like CFL's, even though they are not the most cost effective way to go as you can change out the bulbs if they are too dim/bright without buying a whole new fixture. They are cheap, they just aren't cheap when you experiment, but the bulbs can go into lamps, etc.

Secondly, if the do in fact work, I would like to give them a try. I was wondering if one design is better than another, as said, some have many LED's, some have one or 3. I would be using this on my 6 gallon nano which I don't know the dimentions for off the top of my head. I am currently using two 15 watt CFL bulbs, mounted horizontally with no real reflectors to speak off. I want to use one bulb in a reptile/clip on light type DIY fixture. I don't think the reflector will really do anything, it is more just a stylistic thing.

Just wondering if this is a viable option. If so, how similar is the output to CFL's. What I mean by this is if I buy a 50 watt equivalent, would that be similar to a 50 watt equivalent CFL?

Hopefully the link works. It doesn't seem to work for individual products:!
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