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The odd thing is, they laid the eggs about 1/2 inch below the surface of the water, they had dug out 3 beautiful, large caves under a few pieces of driftwood, but the end they just laid them at the surface in the back left hand corner- straight on the glass. haha

I feed my fish very well, the plecos get a hikari algae wafer every other day, corys get a hagen bottom feeder tablet, rainbows and angels get large new life spectrum garlic pellets, smaller fish get the same only in smaller forms and than one i week i will also add in either frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, tublifix worms, and various flake food.

I feed once or twice a day, so there should be a good amount of food and the fish should hopfully not feel the need to eat more- ie. baby plecos? haha

What if i were to add a toon of plants to the ground? Would that provide enough coverage for them to hide maybe? I just don't have any extra tanks.... Only other i have in a 5 gallon loaded with guppys, betta, shrimp and a frog. haha

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