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Originally Posted by AquaticStory View Post
I'm going to Vietnam to visit my sick grandma, and I found
out that there is a shrimp/aquarium shop 15 minutes away...
Anyone in Vietnam ever heard of GC-Shop? (Green Chapter)
I was wondering if the products were REALLY that cheap. I think
I'm wrong about how cheap they are. For example, on the website,
there is MOSURA Excel for 330 VND. I searched up how many USD is
one VND, and I got 1 USD= 20,000 something VND... is it really that
cheap...? I might be right, since in VN, almost all electronic/hobby things
are VERY cheap. So... anyone know if I'm right or wrong?

Everywhere but the U.S. uses "," where we use a "." when typing numbers.

We would type 20.000, where in Europe and Asia they would type 20,000
So that would read 20 point 000 and not 20 thousand.

And currency conversions are always given to the 3rd decimal point, instead of the 2 we use for every day money calculations.
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