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Long finned Albino BN pleco Spawn!!

So yea! My pair of albino Bristlenose plecos have spawned leaving around 25 eggs and daddy guarding them.

They are in a 45 gallon lightly planted tank with flourite black sand and lots of driftwood.

Inhabitants include:
5 med/large veiled angelfish (no pairs yet..)
6 panda corys
4 neon tetras
10 harlquin rasporas
5 young Lake kutuba rainbowfish
Pair of young iranian rainbowfish
2 large keyhole cichlids
1 bolivian ram

So far the male is doing an amazing job looking after the eggs, never leaving them and fanning them with his fins, this is their first spawn and they are still very young (approx. 8 months old parents and 3 inch long inc. fins)

But anyways! I want these babies to live, so what do i do? Add a toon more plants for hiding places, rehome some of my other fish...?

The bolivian ram is definitely going, hes a sneaky little dude and would pluck the babies off fast, angelfish are to big to get down in the shrubs and driftwood, what about the rainbows and keyholes though?

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