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Originally Posted by markstr View Post
I've noticed that after growing a nice patch of HC it is finally starting to separate from my Substrate using ADA Amazonian. I know this has been brought up over time but...
I believe that part of the reason here is "Granular" size. I have around a 1-2 inch thick patch of this. and sections are starting to release ... I was thinking of going to the smaller granular size of this for roots to take better hold of over time ? It has grown fabulous over time in the soil I might add.. Or, could I leave it as is and just put some additional soil on top of it ?
Or, just pull up and replant the entire HC over again ?? Thank you ........
If you keep the HC trimmed very short (<1"). It will be less likely to lift off the substrate. Some folks also cutout patches of carpet to give it room to crawl sideways. I have the same iwagumi starting its second yr in my 60P. In that time I replanted the carpet about 3 times in the same Amazonia substrate. After I push the HC plugs in, I just sprinkle a layer of Amazonia powder type and stuck in a few sticks of Multibottom - then it's good to go! You could put more soil on top but you will still need to trim. Plus fresh Amazonia will give you a little NH3 spike which your livestock probably won't like.
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