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I have flourite as my substrate so I shouldn't need any other substrate ferts right? Ok so walk me they this process I'm a little confused to be honest. I already set the tank up with flourite an ac20 for filtration a 50w heater and 2 small pieces if driftwood. It's been running like that for a few weeks. I've altered the chemistry so my parameters are as follows GH-10dgh KH-16dkh I'm gonna do 50/50 RO water this will give me GH of 5 and KH of 8 I'm told this is great for planted tanks. Light comes in a few days. After that I'm gonna buy plants do I need ferts right away or let them grow on their own for a week or 2? Then add fish in about 2 weeks "silent cycle" style starting with otocinclus I'm told invade of algae from the beginning. Then wait maybe another month before adding more fish? Sound about right? And 4 hours of light a day to start miving up to 10 hours with a 4 hour "siesta" in the middle
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