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Inexpensive Lighting

Originally Posted by Rush3737 View Post
I'm looking to do my first planted tank and will either get a 55 or 75 gallon tank. I'm doing this on somewhat of a budget (watching for tanks on Craigslist), and would like to try and keep lighting for under $100, or maybe just over that for a 75. What would you guys recommend for that price range? Tank will be low tech.
Hello Rush...

Get a glass canopy from one of the fish places online, they're inexpensive. Then, a strip from the local hardware store that holds two 48 inch bulbs. GE makes a good aquarium 6500K, plant bulb for about $10.00 a piece, at the same hardware store. I put together a similar set up for less than $100.00 a tank for a couple of 55 G tanks.

If you want to go a little techie and add LED lights, then check online for a company by the name of Solarmax. They have 48 inch strips for about $100.00, including shipping. A company by the name of alphaprobreeders is a distributor of some of this brand of lighting.

Just a couple of suggestions.


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