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Ooooooooooooooo, gosh I was scratching my head on that cray comment.

pirayaman, otos should be fine. Those are the only fish touted as being 100% shrimp safe though. There are others that SOME have luck with (some, not all) but that's going to be up to you if you are willing to risk the shrimp.

CRS just are a bit pickier than neos and its good to read up on the parameters they need because you will possibly just be throwing money out the window otherwise. I've jumped the gun myself and bought things without knowing what I was getting into...lost quite a bit of money. I've learned to slow down a little bit now...though not by much. LOL! Glad you got the fish out of there, now figure out your parameters and if you need to alter anything and you'll be good to go. If you want to not 'mess with your water' then cherries may be the simplest thing...even then though the wrong parameters can be bad for them as well. Keeping shrimp is FAR more difficult than any fish I've ever kept..much more focus on water parameters and such involved that I thought there would be.
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