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Paintball Tank Dropped

I returned home yesterday to my new 20oz paintball tank shipped from Amazon
I just took it out to a local paintball place to have it filled and the guy drops it on his way back to me from the big tank (a whole 5 feet)
I was standing behind the counter here, which was solid wood and I couldn't see anything waist down and it looked like it was dropped strait down, he went for it quick, but it did fall and hit the ground. I never thought anything of it since it only hit once, and he had it back in his hand and was dusting it off, and again, it looked like it had fallen vertically down, bottom first.

So, I get home and I'm now about to hook it up to my aquateck regulator and I see a ding on the seal on the top now!!
This of course being my own fault for not checking it before I left the place

My question is, will this prevent the regulator from making a good seal on the tank... if so, other than taking it to them and bitching about it, what else could I try doing?

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