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Originally Posted by pirayaman View Post
dont the crayfish eat the shrimp?

i got crs cause i like the look not really into going nuts over my water. so i dont
they all are alive and berried and molting they eat alge i got plenty of that hahah. i figure if i get enough. the ones that survive will be strong. but so far havent had any shrimp die just the dam fish attacking them.

i do my water changes.
Ok, I'm lost. So you're CRS are all alive, berried and molting...yet you just put them in yesterday? So were they berried when you got them? Ya know, shrimp don't just die the next day a lot of times, it can take them a few weeks to die from parameters that aren't ideal for them. If you don't know not to keep fish with shrimp that I assume you don't know that parameters for keeping CRS is different than cherries and ghost shrimp.

Folks here tried to help you but your posts sound like you aren't really looking for much help, sorry. Please read the sticky at the top of the shrimp forum, if the fish don't kill all of your shrimp your parameters probably will. You need test kits if you want to do this right. Good luck.

Also don't know where the crayfish question came from but I have crays in with about 50 shrimp...the crays are too slow to catch them. Would I put them with expensive shrimp? Umm no, not worth the risk.
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