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Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
That being said, I'm already working on a place where the code can exist for all to download it and all to contribute to it. I'd like to get a list of part numbers that go into the building of the unit as a whole.

ultimately, I'd like to provide a place for all of these sorts of aquatic controllers people are setting up.
Hey Scapegoat, heres a list of the requisite components, plus some extras (most of this info is gleaned from the Jarduino user's manual).

First off, the Jarduino sketch is available here:

The Arduino Mega 2650, retails for $65, but can be found cheaper. Beware of knock offs, though, they may be glitchy.

The ITDB02 Mega Shield Kit V1.1
$5.50 in kit form, you will need to solder everything together

This is what it will look like assembled:

There is another Version 2 of the shield, but you will need to order the DS1307 RTC Module. E Bay sells them for like $2-5, and you will need to solder it onto the shield. This is the one I got:

The ITDB02 3.2" TFT LCD Display
They have other versions for $30-33 but I cant determine the difference.

DS18B20 Temperature sensor:
$2-4 depending on the vendor, check E Bay

Others offer a waterproof temperature probe

Then there are some fun extras that we can add into the system:

pH Sensor
$95 in a kit from Sparkfun:
Or you can piece meal it together. Some probes on E Bay are like $20-30, and the little pH stamp is $28 from Atlas Scientific (

Dissolved Oxygen sensor:
This one is definitely pricey, but would be really cool for those that really want to max out the system

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