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Originally Posted by Grimnokk View Post
Hello all,

I was told that having a water softener that uses salt is a no-no for a planted tank. Is this true? Would there be harm in doing water changes with this water?

I use this type of salt.

I am confused as this really hampers my water change. Since this is a whole home softener, I only have an outside spigot that is not on the system. This would mean that I would have to fill a few 5 gallon buckets with water and let it heat to room temperature before doing a water change, instead of being able to use the python hose.

Basically what I am asking, is was I told correct? Is having a water softener really that big of an issue?

Thanks in advance.

yes, it does have effect on the plants, but you can try some low lights plants such as java fern, amazon swords, they might thrive in this water, but i cannot be 100% sure.
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