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as a web developer, my goal for a project using arduino will be a web based front end. that'd make it available to any mobile or home browser. I think it'd be great to log in via my galaxy s3, see what the probes are reading and make adjustments if i need to. but that is dooown the line for me.

I've purchased the domain, there isnt much there and won't be for a number of hours (i'm at work )

The goal is to provide the files via github, and ultimately host any conversation/discussion on people's various controllers on the site.

Github will allow the ability for people to fork the project to work on their own and provide push requests to merge those changes to the code base. It'll allow individuals to be set up as the main contributors, so those having already started their project would be given sole ownership with the ability to add others. It'll also allow tasks to be set up... so instead of splitting your attention all over the damned place, people can take on specific components and really focus on making one thing work.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some hardware in the next couple of months and start contributing code myself, and will be focusing solely on a web enabled system.

My website goal for the evening will be to figure out some site requirements and get a list of components that the site needs to start operating in the capacity i'm thinking it should.

considering I want this to be a site to assist the community, please make suggestions. If you have code, you can email me at and I can use it to test setting it up.

I'd kind of like the site to turn into an open database of DIY aquatics, from co2 reactors, to this awesome arduino stuff.

If anyone reads this who developed the code themselves, or started these arduino threads, please get in touch as I'd like to make sure you're given credit for the code hosted.
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