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well to be honest I am not exactly a beginer I am a network admin and I have coded my own games and server and programs for mmo, games so I know lots of different coding.

I was just trying to get a more clear step by step "quide" for prices and parts etc.

I was actually think about using a touch screen for a laptop or ipad or something.

Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
The problem with that opinion is that it isn't helpful to the progress of this controller, or to those working on it, or to those who want to be involved.

That being said, I'm already working on a place where the code can exist for all to download it and all to contribute to it. I'd like to get a list of part numbers that go into the building of the unit as a whole.

ultimately, I'd like to provide a place for all of these sorts of aquatic controllers people are setting up.
Thats what I was hopping to have set up in the first post so it is all in one place and here on the forums, I know I am new and all to the forums but after seeing this project I had to join. I am kinda offended that I was called a beginer with out that poster knowing anything about my background knowledge in computers/programming.

I could optimally help this project a great deal if I knew all the info and it was neatly organized in the first post.
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