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Nano Tank Upgrade to Betta version 0.2.0: 50% Complete

I've been trying for months now to work out this upgrade for my betta, Pearlicus. This semester, I finally have the time and money to do so; thus: it has begun.

The very last 2.5g that Petco had, was covered in smudgy fingerprints... But it looked alright, no cracks or anything, so I snagged it and hauled it home, whispering about my 'precious' the whole way there.

I gave it a quick clean, and covered the back with frosted window cling, as I have planned for some time.

In went the substrate, heater, and hardscape. Don't knock the clown-puke; I know what I wanted and nothing you say is gonna stop me!

In went the plants, too. Argentine sword, and a few of the 'betta bulbs' (aponogenton sp., plus some kind of onion), since I've had luck with them in the past. I had about five, but only these three sprouted, so in they go for now. I also tucked a Root Tab under the sword for now.

Also in is the filter--Tetra Whisper internal small filter--and I set up the light. It's a bit delicate right now, but I'll be fixing that later. I just need to keep some light on it for now.

It looks sparse right now, but I kind of have high hopes for it. I'm giving it until the bulbs are at least 2" all around; based on the last time I sprouted some, it'll be maybe two or three weeks before I can move Pearlicus in!

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