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Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
I completely disagree. we're not talking banking application with millions of users and dollars at stake.

Don't sway someone away from trying something that is challenging. Great insight can come from attempting something you've never done or only slightly dabbled in.

If someone can wrap their head around the code examples and "see" what is going on within those, then give this a shot.

If someone is willing to email me code as a starting point, i'd like to set up a collaborative space so people could actively work on the code "together" and keep it under version control. A project like this needs something a bit more robust than a forum post.

I'd love to give more people a chance at using this code on their own terms as well, instead of being told "you don't know enough to get it so don't try"

Agreed. The OP himself said he didnt know any programming when he first started this project and was learning it as he went. The best way to learn something challenging is by finding something that interests you and then jump in to figure out how it works.

I would love to
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