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After viewing this thread and project my eyes popped and I have wanted to look into something like this myself.

I have a few questions and maybe some solutions to better organize this thread a we bit. ( so rather a request )

1) How big is this touch screen ? (in inches)
2) would it be possible for you to post all the things you bought in the first post and their cost
3) could you also post in your first post the code you used in a spoiler for each portion

blah blah blah blah this is my code blah blah blah

blah blah blah blah this is my code blah blah blah

4) could you maybe share your resources on where you are learning to code all this from
eg forums you have visited etc that would help anyone attempting this
5) Have you figure out what the code or script it uses yet ? so others may look for other screens etc may work with this protect as well.
6) a list of all the tools needed etc

I just found that reading through all posts ended up getting a little confusing and it would save you time in having to maybe help everyone else along the way through pm while your trying to figure it out yourself.

just a suggestion Mike and thanks for this lovely DIY thinking of doing this myself but wanting a bit bigger of a screen as this looks a tad small to me in pictures. ( although they are deceiving sometimes )

P.S. has anyone tried using this and would this work for adding other stuff ?

also wondering if anyone has made their own temp monitor or controller I was looking at something like this but also wanting something that can monitor or control my PH as well in one unit, for cheap.

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