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I am just throwing out my thoughts. So here goes. I fyou want low maintenance then start with low maintenance plants--crypts anubias java fern. Which is pretty much what you have.
These plants won't really grow fast regardless of what you throw at them. If it was my tank then I would dose micros/trace 1x a week after a waterchange.
I would reduce the light, maybe just run both for an hour a day or every couple days and just one bulb for a 8-10 hours the rest of the time--a burst.
For Macros I would skip the phosphate and nitrate and just do the potassium.
I would skip excel all together (some plants are sensitice t that) and since you don't want fast growth why use it?

"Edit: Forgot to mention, want to keep this low tech, don't want to be trimming leaves every day."

-maybe some root tabs under micro-swords, maybe,maybe

If your tank was HEAVILY planted that would be different.
If your tank was full of fast growing stem plants that would be different.

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