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Originally Posted by pisces_in_nv View Post
Finally got my 29 gallon all set up. Now, I just have to wait for the plants to grow a bit to make it more 'homey.'

I haven't even gotten the soil in my 10 gallon yet, but I want dwarf baby tears and water sprite (assuming those are legal here??). i am thinking guppies and either cherry shrimp or red crystal shrimp. i haven't seen any of this stuff in the henderson area. i am willing to drive a bit for things, but don't want to drive and be told they are 'out of stock.' any suggestions?

Side note, just got 2 very nice golden dojo loaches from the PetCo on Serene @ Eastern. They're so little; I am looking forward to watching them grow.
I have cobra endlers (not entirely sure how pure my strain is, so most likely hybrid guppies), tons of babies if you want some. Free to a good home if you want! (Please take some!!)

I also have water sprite not a ton, I just sold some and am growing it back out. I can give you a baby node if you want to start growing your own and don't mind waiting (grows fast)

I'd offer some shrimp too, but I'm still building up my population. Btw, if you are thinking of putting the guppies with shrimp, they will eat baby shrimp, and possibly adults.

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