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Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
I just unhooked everything and took the regulator off of y tank, because I took the solinoide off and felt tht it had mineral oil on it......
Then I left it alone and when I looked at it, there was a puddle of mineral oil and water on the floor, slowly dripping out where the solinoide plugs in......
Where the solenoid plugs into what? Are you talking about the fittings, or are you talking about the electrical cord?

It sounds like there may be mineral oil and/or water in the solenoid itself (due to a faulty check valve). If water/mineral oil got into the solenoid, it might be fried.

Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
also, my needle valves are loose I think
Which connection is loose?

Originally Posted by KTern View Post
You should post some pic for these guys to help you out. Make sure your solenoid is unplug. You dont want to get a nice shock.
+1. We need more information/better descriptions/pictures to help you.

When you say parts are leaking, there are multiple parts that it can leak from.

When you say the needle valve is "loose", what exactly do you mean? The adjustment knob is loose? The connection/fittings to the solenoid/bubble counter are loose? What does your setup look like?

So many unknowns -- we are trying to help as best we can, but without more information, we are just throwing out random possibilities.


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