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Had a huge delay in setting this up. At least now I have just about everything I need. Never knew having a kid would set me back so far.

A friend in the Bay Area was able to supply me with a bunch of cuttings. Planned glosso is out since my emersed set up dried out while I was away. I gave away half to my friend however his became overgrown by microsword so there went all my glosso. Not a big deal I guess since that same friend is the one hooking me up with the following:

2 unknown stems (one has longish, fine needle like green leaves, the other sends shoots out at 90 deg and comes apart very easily.)
Corkscrew Val
Staurogyne Repens
Dwarf hairgrass (? Belem)
Rotala macandra red
Bacopa sp

Plus a bunch more to stock my 20g long.

I am dry starting the cube. Unsure if some of the stem plants are going to make it. I may reconsider the light since these plants may require more. First I will get CO2 going and see how things grow. 20g is planted, filled, and pressurized CO2 is running... Much easier than I thought thanks to this forum.

Pics to follow, right now I'm off to get some much needed sleep.

Mr. Aqua 30cm cube journal
20L high tech journal
Fluval EDGE slightly modded, low tech
3+ gallon (40 x 16 x 20.5 cm) aquatic soil, low-tech
Fluval spec V (sitting in a box)
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