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Originally Posted by OrangeSoda View Post
The filter design looks pretty good.

The faceless woman is creepy though.
Thanks! Not much you can do with filter design though. And yes I agree about the woman! Maybe I can photoshop an expo model into it.

I want a bigger tank. But my SO doesn't want several tanks around and neither do I. I don't want to maintain 4 or 5 tanks. So I'll decommission my 17g. My 10g is already decommissioned. The edge will be kept running because my SO likes that one since her guppies are in it.

I want to go AIO with the tank for a couple of reasons:
1 - It just looks consistently cleaner compared to having all of the tubes and wires hanging from the sides of the tank. It won't look as clean as taking out everything for a photo shoot but I won't be doing any competitions and I just want an every day nice looking tank.
2 - Why not go sump and hide all the equipment in that? Because of CO2 loss at the returns.
3 - Its slightly quieter than a sump.
4 - I live in an apt. When its time to move I don't want to take plumbing apart anymore and re-plumb everything.

The tank is going to be 36x24x14. 4" for the filtration area and a roomy 20" deep tank for some really nice depth of field. Dimensions may change a little but not much from that. I'm not so much a fan of the 90P dimensions because I think its a bit too tall at 18".

Equipment so far I'm looking at:
Tank: Custom from LeeMar or CAD Lights. Low iron glass tank.
Stand: Custom walnut furniture grade
Lighting: Finnex Ray 2s / Current USA LED Pro Strips / AI Vega or Sol (I really want to go this route because it'll do automated lighting cycles but this is the most expensive option)
Pumps: 2x Sicce Syncra 357GPH / Rio Hyperflow 350GPH
Heaters: 2x Jager 75W
CO2: Atomic CO2 Regulator + 65mm Diffuser
Filtration: Ceramic discs + purigen

I'll take the manzanita from my 17g and whatever rocks I can find that is non-reactive.

Flora (so far):
This will be a display tank but it'll also be a farming tank.
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Hygrophila 'Compacta'
Staurogyne repens
Erio shiga
Anubias nana petite

Fauna (so far):
German Ram
Neon Tetra
Harlequin rasbora
Amano shrimp

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on anything please let me know!
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