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Originally Posted by sub-80 View Post
Some say RCS breed better at warmer temperatures 25-27C, like this article in wikihow and Aquariuminfo. The majority of sites state this fact.

And shrimp farm states to keep at the temp and the PH anywhere but the extremes, which to me makes sense that RCS would breed better at an average of the range.

There was a site which I can't seem to find, which stated that the optimium temp is 74-75F.

At the end I've decided to go with the large number of srticles that state 25-27C is the best breeding temp. My only problem is that my fluval 100W heater wont get to that temp. It reaches 24.5C and stays at that value.
Yea people have their opinions. FOr some reason at any low temp mine breed like hell. Try anything after a few months to see if things change. Its all about finding the sweet spot.
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