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hey Shalu, I think you were using the wrong formula to calculate "OD Efficiency" in column 5. I believe you should have divided the lumen/watt figure by 1, 2, 3 or 4 X the lumen/watt figure for the 1 X test (respectively). For example, The "OD Efficiency" for the T8 bulb at 4X overdrive should be 4.6/(4x3.8)=.30 According to your data, you should have concluded that T8 bulbs at 4X overdrive are less than 1/3 as efficient as 1X factory T8 bulbs. Your conclusions were completely wrong. Fluorescent bulbs do become markedly less efficient the more you overdrive them, not more! Your own data demonstrates that! I wish you were right, but you are not. Does anybody else agree with me?
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