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Lightbulb Hermit Crab Terrarium

Planted aquariums weren't my thing. I had some fun a few years ago, but I never had the patience to wait for the results I was really seeking. However, I am fantastic with my houseplants

I am currently working on designing, planting and growing a 10g planted terrarium for my hermit crabs. I have searched the web and found very few inspirational photos to assist with this process. I know I don't have food or water dishes in the tank yet, they are still in use in the current (artificial) setup.

The round planter "The Garden" is filled with coconut fiber and peat. I have spread a mixture of fescue and ryegrass seeds, to create a "lawn" of sorts. With the plastic tray design, I will be able to easily remove The Garden for trimmings, replantings, etc. It will also be possible for me to have multiple trays to swap out as plants are eaten/destroyed by the hermies. My plan is for all plantings to be in removable containers, a miniature container garden of sorts

The 2" clay pot is filled with Jiffy Organic Seed Starter mix and has two clippings of common indoor ivy.

I have thought about removing or rearranging the cave to allow for more plantings. I have both asparagus fern and pothos growing like crazy around the house that could be planted in clay pots or other containers.

I would like to stick to low/mid light plants to avoid purchasing grow lights.

I'm open to suggestions or discussion on design. I would love to work with a larger tank for this project, but there just isn't enough space in my house right now

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