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Originally Posted by funkman262 View Post
A little confused here. Why would breaking down the waste via bacteria be better than the plants actually consuming the organics? Plants are much more efficient at nutrient and waste removal than bacteria is, which is why more research is being put into constructing wastelands or algae ponds for the use in wastewater treatment in which bacteria removal is currently the conventional method. Certain species like duckweed varieties especially are being researched for their ability to remove heavy metals.

Plants don't remove waste, they remove the nutrients after the waste breaks down from the biological processes occurring in your tank. Not saying filterless won't work, but when you take out your main biological filter solid wastes are gonna build up. Like I said, like 1 or 2 small fish in a 10 gallon could probably work out nicely, but seems to be a method that people use for tanks that are mainly focused on the plants.
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