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looking to set up my 10 gallon

Finally got my 29 gallon all set up. Now, I just have to wait for the plants to grow a bit to make it more 'homey.'

I haven't even gotten the soil in my 10 gallon yet, but I want dwarf baby tears and water sprite (assuming those are legal here??). i am thinking guppies and either cherry shrimp or red crystal shrimp. i haven't seen any of this stuff in the henderson area. i am willing to drive a bit for things, but don't want to drive and be told they are 'out of stock.' any suggestions?

Side note, just got 2 very nice golden dojo loaches from the PetCo on Serene @ Eastern. They're so little; I am looking forward to watching them grow.

29 gallon - soil & black sand: planted: 2 wisteria, 5 java fern, 2 anubias nana, several amazon swords, 1 unidentified red sword, 3 banana plants: 1 mopani wood: 2 common goldfish, 2 julii corydoras, 2 albino corydoras, 2 golden dojo loaches, 2 bamboo shrimp, 2 upside down goldfish

10 gallon - nothing yet, just bought the heater and a chunk of zebra stone:workin on it
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