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So after following this thread for a few weeks I thought I give it a go as Algae was getting worse and worse. I didn't have enough plants initially, wanted to "clean up the tank" before planting a large load. My tank is a 75g rimless, not filled all the way to the top and decent amount of substrate, so I figured dosing is on 50g-55g estimate of water.

1. turned off the filter and removed the media, just in case.
2. got two koralia 750gph powerheads setup diagonally in the tank.
3. I dosed 300ml of H202 with syringe right into the stream from one of the powerheads.
4. moved one of the powerheads for 15 minutes all over the tank to get as much flow as possible everywhere.
5. Stopped the treatment, 50% water change, Prime+
6. Recommended excel dose at 5ml per 10g, so around 27ml.

And here's the report. Right away something was wrong, one of the nerites looked like he wasn't dealing with it all ok. Fell to the ground, almost completely came out of it's shell. Everyone else was fine.

Next morning, here's the count
all nerites dead
one otto dead
90% of shrimp dead or dying (almost all babies, and most of adults, total about 50).

So what could have gone wrong? 1500GPH isn't enough flow?

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