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Yep, it was a modded Aquaclear 70 HOB (into a fuge) with a fuge light set on reverse photoperiod for growing chaeto macroalgae. i also hid my heater, my thermometer, and my chemical filtration back in that HOB filter to keep them away from the display. That Koralia nano powerhead was in the display (you couldn't see it much because it was overgrown with green star polyps (on purpose). that pump was 240gph.

The light was a 6 LED DIY fixture that I made myself from Cree LEDs. 3 cool whites and 3 royal blues. each color was run with separate drivers and power plugs so that i could turn one color off and view the tank in one color at a time. very useful if you want to see what corals look like just under actinic lighting. the royal blue LEDs are second to none in terms of blue actinics and they make the corals fluorescence extremely well. I mean really NEON coloration. Crazy.

There was also an Auto top off system in there that i built, and the float sensor was in the left top corner of the tank (you can see it behind that birdsnest coral.) Auto top off really makes maintenance much easier. It adds freshwater as water evaporates and keeps the salinity constant instead of you having to do it yourself every day or every few days. You only have to refill the reservoir once a week or two weeks with fresh distilled or RO water.

The heater was a 50W i believe, or maybe 25W. whatever size fit into that HOB filter.

That setup is fairly high tech. it had eight different power cords running into the wall. When I do a small reef tank again, I will try to keep the power cords down to 3-4 total. you don't need to have such a high tech tank to have a nice reef in your house. Research is key
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