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I also wanted to post a few pics of how much this tank has changed and the progress I feel I kinda made into making it look better.

Here is the way it looked at first... yikes. My idea was to just have a few plants and not anything really to try to hard with. But once I got the plants I was kinda hooked

Here's how it looked afterwards.... Added more plants. A bunch of swords and crypts.


After that, I pretty much tore everything down. And restarted. A more simple look. Which I was really digging, despite all the crypts pretty much melting.

And after this... tore it down again, and added all the Floramax, and eco complete on top. I got a whole bunch of this stuff without having to really spend any of my own money on it, since it was right after christmas and got a whole bunch of gift cards. win win!

Here's a picture of all the fun I had while tearing everything down, and having to drain the water down entirely.. BY HAND. with a bucket! that was the biggest pain... ever... seriously lol but glad as the crypts after that really took off, so it as worth it!

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