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Originally Posted by koumchev View Post
Good start, attractive driftwood as long I can see well placed in the tank. What is your plans for flora and fauna. Will be flooded tank or riparium. Bare in mind that the soil is very nutricious so wihout plants to use them will be algae bloom. Good luck with ur project
Thank you for your response. It is a flooded tank with plenty of plants. I've already planted it and just waiting for things to clear up. I think I'm having issues with my filter. It is spitting most of the particles of soil out again which is settling on the plants, making it look messy.

The plants consist of low tech plants. Mostly crypts, ferns, mosses, anubias and a few other species. I forgot their name but I have the little tickets they came with in the pot so I will get back to you with that one.

One type of plant I am missing is a carpet plant which I'd really like. I haven't gone down the co2 route. Recently I bought a Fluval 88g Co2 kit. I find it a little daunting and I'm never home at the same time in order to turn the co2 on at a consistent time everyday. So far I dose Flourish Excel as a liquid co2. I'm totally new so still finding my way around it all. In an ideal world I'd love to grow HC on the bottom but I guess it will need way more light and co2 as well.

Any suggestions for a small carpet plant will be great!

I'll have plenty of pics up soon.

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