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gona try this on my tank within the next few days, i have huge amounts of bba and gha. my one question is can api co2 booster be used instead of excel? ive read that they are basically the same, but just wanted to make sure
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Originally Posted by vasol View Post
gona try this on my tank within the next few days, i have huge amounts of bba and gha. my one question is can api co2 booster be used instead of excel? ive read that they are basically the same, but just wanted to make sure
yes, and so can metricide 14 which is stronger.
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I tried this three days ago with limited results, yet no deaths. I used 2 tbls per 10 gallons calculating for 45 gallons in a 55 gallon tank. Removed bio-media fro my canister and added an old power head to increase flow. Ran for 15 minutes then did a quick 50% water change followed by an excel dose.

The only reaction I saw was from nerites which made a break for the top of the tank but are now fine. All other fish seemed ok (Bolivian Rams, Hatchet Fish, Upside down catfish, glass catfish, oto's). Plant wise there has been some melting on the vals, but that’s all.

Some of the staghorn turned red while the rest seemed unaffected. Other algae did not appear effected. No noticeable algae die off.

I will continue treating with excel at normal dosage and give it till this weekend when I do another water change till I decide whether to try again with a slightly higher dose. Hoping it hurt it enough at least for the plants to now out compete it (algae). Will update if there is any changes or if I choose to try this method again.
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Update: It's been one week and I have noticed a decrease in algae, with most of it dying or dead. Since I was already dosing excel daily I would have to attribute this to the H2O2 helping out. I've continued dosing excel as well as increased flourish comprehensive to twice a week. I did a water change this weekend and now see oto's on the leaves attacking the dead algae. In my case I think the H2O2 weakened the algae and the increased cleaning with extra ferts is helping the plants out compete it now. The only loss I had was my vals melting, but I already see new shoots sprouting from the sand so they are coming back fast.
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For anyone weary of this method, I will testify that it has worked amazingly! My tank is home to galaxy rasboras, harlequins, 1 SAE, and several amano shrimp, all of which survived the treatment without any issues. I was worried it might affect my shrimp, but I was very wrong. I have been battling BBA for months now and was almost ready to give up and start over. However this method has given me a second chance. It has only been 4 days since the treatment and the BBA has decreased by easily 50% or more. If you are dealing with BBA this is the way to go! Thank you so much for posting/developing such a wonderful method!
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Great thread - gonna try this today.

Soup. Pea soup. Unreal.... HELP!!!!

I'm new to this. I get that.

But Algae has never been an issue. We've had up to 9 tanks... all sparkling. Its been heavenly.

On my Black Monster - the 90g... its just unreal.

The tank goes into this dive - where it get cloudy-ish, to darker - to SOUP. Full on green fuzz on the glass. This takes HOURS. This tank crashes hard.

I have staggered the lighting... so its not on full ZOT for 8 hours. I thought I had this thing together. Tonight, it crashed.

I have green fuzz on the glass, the water is unclear. It took a few hours today. I finally killed all the lights - I can't look at this thing right now.

What is going on? Diadems? Phosphates? Voodoo?

Seriously - I'm perplexed. I'm doing nothing different to this tank. Sump, light, w/c, fish... this isn't that complicated.

Water chemistry from my drip test kit is great - no Amm, no Ni and very low Na.

I can't handle draining and scraping every 4 days. Making me nuts when every other tank in the house is sparkling.

I'm so glad I found this thread.

I think factors exacerbating the Algae Farm:

This tank gets remarkable light. I've started lighting in shifts with all three shifts on for a very short time (maybe 2 hours). Total light is about 8 hours a day. Just PAR metered it... lots of light in this tank. Full CO2, EI, etc.

My take is there are simply not enough plants to fight off the Algae advance. The repens cover maybe 20% if the substrate, the very young Blyxa another 20%, the very young Dwarf Sag another 40%... that leaves tons of space with nothing growing. Acres of empty substrate. Just the edges with the Vals and the Appos and the Crypts.

I'm thinking of putting some uber fast growing stuff unto the sump (like Elodea), and lighting it off cycle - so I can get the benefits of monster plant growth without impacting the DT.

First comes the 1,2 Punch.

SUMP Bypass - I put together some pipe - and I'll run the drain from the overflow into a 5G bucket! I'll drop my pump in there - completely bypassing the sump and its huge Bene Bacto supply!

OK - here are some photos of this vexing vermin.

That sharp line must be where I cleaned this weekend.


Finishing the Sump Bypass, and will dose with Hydro in a bit.

I'll be back to share results.


* Edit *

Here is the before:

Here is the after - immediately after re-filling and dosing with Excel.

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Promising results from everyone.

Gonna try this later this evening for the diatom and thread algae covering my DHG and glosso, for some reason it doesn't appear on any other plants.


Tried the one-two punch adjusted accordingly with the new recipe(2Tbps/10G). I have a 3G tank, so that works out to be about 0.6Tbps.
Before, my glosso was covered in diatoms and hair algae and were dying off.
Added another powerhead into my already small tank so for 15 minutes it was a washing machine.
Then added the H2O2 and started counting down.
At the end of the 15 minutes, I drained about 80% of the water. At this point the glosso was still submerged.
New water was not added immediately as I took the opportunity to hook up some new equipment and performed the normal tank maintenance. All in all, it took about 45 minutes before I added new water.
Once the water was added, I dosed 1.3ml of Excel, calculated accordingly, as I don't normally dose Excel in this tank.

As of now, there are no diatoms on any of my plants. Hopefully the prolonged H2O2 soak hasn't killed off the rest of my glosso.
Can't comment on livestock though as my tank currently has none.

At the same time I've also reduced my lighting period to 6 hours instead of 10 hours to see if the extended lighting period was the cause of the diatom bloom.

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this treatment worked great, cleared 85% of my green hair algae and black beard algae within around 2 weeks. would highly recommend! this thread should be stickied
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Just want to say this worked well for me. Took a long time to do it though.

I have an Aqua One Grande 120 tank. 75 Gallons (285 L) with about 50G (200 L) of actual water. Had issues with thread algae and staghorn (or clado? not too sure on this).

Dosed with 6% at around 160mL (a little over the 2tbsp rating which would have come out at 150mL). Left it for 15 minutes exactly and then started emptying. Emptying took around 10 minutes and then I filled back up which took around another 10 minutes.

Had massive flow throughout the tank the whole time.

Drop checker went dark blue. No CO2 in the tank. The next day I dosed 5 capfuls of Excel 250mL bottle (recommended dose) and then another 2 the next day (tried a little overdose). I've been dosing 1 capful per day (recommended dose).

The next day the staghorn went a bit reddish and on the second day it was a deep red almost everywhere in the tank. I actually found places where it was and I didn't know, since it has now gone red its obvious. Thread algae has gone basically white and will probably continue to die.

Maybe 97% of both staghorn and thread has died off. Will try another dosing in 2 weeks to do the rest.

I have a Bristlenose Pleco (female, fully grown), a Rainbowfish (crimson spot) and countless Red Cherry Shrimp (some are bamboo shrimp I think). Neither fish was affected much. Bristlenose didn't like it too much but she coped a bit better once the fresh water was in. It looks like she got some "clouding" on her forehead, like a fungus growing there. Not sure what that is but she seems healthy enough. She also has tried to swim out of the tank a few times in the last few days (up the top wet/dry filter downpipe). I wouldn't even know if any of the RCS have been affected but they don't seem to be.

I have Crypts, a Sword, HM, Hygro, Subwassertang and java moss. I took the Subwassertang and some java moss out when I dosed and placed them in after the tank was refreshed.

Nothing has happened to ay of the main plants but the HM has gone very pale / almost white. It still has some green in it but I think over the next few days it will melt away. No big issue though.

All in all this looked good. I did overdose slightly with the Excel and H2O2. If I were to do this again in the future I would follow the results exactly as they are for a better result.

2 US tablespoons (28mL. 14mL per tablespoon) for each 10 Gallons (38L).
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A follow up on my treatment, above.

Treated it twice. No more algae on the glass.

However, the water is still greenish. The tank is cloudy, to be sure.

And I had massive melt on my Vals. My aponogeton ulvaceus lost several of its larger leaves. All else is good.

The green haze is giving me pause. Any ideas?

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I did just the H2O2 punch yesterday in my 135gal with very minor fuzz & staghorn (hitched a ride with some new plants I got). I did the equiv of 3 tbsp / 10 gal for 15 min w/ 2 power heads set to laminar flow. Did a 75+% water change and notice several of my platies couldn't take it. So, immediately did another 15-20% water change after I had refilled the tank. Turns out platies are very sensitive to this and I had one cardinal & 1 neon die today. It's weird though, they didn't just die but rather got themselves caught in the powerhead suction and were too weak to get off and died. All other fish fared well. Also odd is that one of the platies had just given birth (AGAIN) and the frye seemed to do well (I didn't realize the birthing had ocurred until after my water change. My best guess is that since the platies like the higher water column they got the initial dosing directly in their gills.

I'll know in a few days how things went but the false pearling was amazing during my water changes so I'm confident I'll see some results. If this alone does not do the trick I'll get some Excel and do a follow up 1-2 punch (full method) in a few weeks but I'll be sure to only use 1.5-2 tbsp / 10 gal equiv.
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1 US tablespoon = 14.7867648 ml
New recommended dose is 2tbs(29.57ml)/10g or 2.96ml/g

26 gallon tank, dosing for 15g (conservative) after removing 10 liters with the filter media = 44.36ml h2o2.

report back to follow.
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added more like 45ml over 20 mins... 20ml at -20, another 20ml at -15, and 5ml at -10.

so far so good, did make one mistake though. Fresh water was sitting out on my enclosed porch, but it is unseasonably cold right now and it dropped the tank temp below 70. Stopped adding water to not exacerbate the situation, will finish topping off when the tank warms up. Added a second heater to bring it back to temp more quickly. I'll report back again tomorrow.

update: 1 red eye tetra floater right after water change (shock i think), everything else looks good including snails and amano shrimp. got moderate "pearling". hope this kills the BGA ive been battling and stops the oncoming BBA outbreak.

update: BGA gonzo. thank god. still have BBA, but it isn't spreading. I did not do the "second punch" with excel because I have pressurized co2. Lost one red eye tetra immediately after treatment, snails survived.

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After realizing my lighting schedule was too intense I ceased ferts and reduced my TMC Grobeam tiles to 50% for a few days. I am now planning on only running my lights 50% for the time being, these things are powerful! Next step was to wipe out the new algae outbreaks the lighting caused. I have my C02 running max, can't make any more adjustments in that area, and have been using EI dosing. Seems the only thing to do is raise my lights higher and reduce the strength and length of photo period. Keep in mind I dose Excel regularly but just the recommended dose or a little bit more. The pellia and fissiden seem to hate it so I really want to stop using it.

I decided to try out this threads procedure. I used the 4 Tblspoon dose on a 20gallon long. Had my Vortech Mp10 full blast, and shut off the filter. I also decided to just remove the Otto's to my quarantine to avoid added stress. It's a new tank waiting for it to stabilize before I purchase CRS.

Two days later I have found red patches of dead stag horn near the Blyxa's base. Green hair algae seems to have ceased any new growth on the HC.
Also Spirogyra has stopped new growth, the few strands I can see left in the tank aren't green anymore.

Only plant damage I'm seeing was to the riccia, this was expected but it did have spirogyra mixed in it and I didn't want to risk reintroducing that after this method was competed. I figure it should bounce back.

All the rest of the plants below seem fine for now:
Dwarf Hair
Round Pellia

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I'm considering doing a one-two punch, since I have to tear down my tank anyway to replace the substrate.

I'm thinking it'd be better to do separate treatments in separate containers for separate plants, and housing the fish elsewhere until I'm done with everything.

I've got two crypts, some java ferns, amazon swords, duckweed, myriophyllum, cabomba, and wisteria.

I'm wonder if the one-two punch would kill my plants if their unrooted and sitting in a bucket while treating them (especially my crypts, but my crypts barely have any algae on them at all.)

What's everybody's thoughts on this?

And let's say I did do two separate treatments (one for stronger/leafy plants, one for stem plants,) would what should the dosage for each be? The plants would be free-floating in a bucket (with a lot of circulation, of course. Probably a media-less filter & a bubbler.)
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