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Denske: I haven't had a serious and persistent diatom bloom to try it on, but it's eliminated any small traces, and several others reported the treatment wipes larger quantities out effectively. I also took a peek at the subject lines for your posts within the past two months. Unless I missed something in that brief check, you haven't posted up a thread providing tank details and requesting help for the diatom issue. It's always a good idea to try and diagnose any underlying problem prior to trying a chemical treatment. Or at least at the same time you start the treatment, if the algae has gotten so bad that you need to buy some time.
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I am currently trying it on a very small diatom resurgence. I will report with its effects at ~25% dose thats 1tbps/10G. Also will report if UG gets affected.
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Originally Posted by denske View Post
Anybody use this method for Diatoms? I've had them now close to 2 months.
While I was not targeting them, I did note in one of my post that the treatment was very effective against diatoms.
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Trying this out on the 30g in my sig, let's hope for good results.

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Reporting back with Diatom results @ 25% strength. I did not see much of a change after 2 days. I think those who had success must've done full treatment. Will report again in a week.
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OK, so I followed the directions in the original post and this is the pictures 2 days after the treatment. The aquarium on the left was the one covered in green algae. The one on the right has minimal black algae and hair algae, which has slowed down since the treatment. I just wanted to say that all the fish and plants are alive and well

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Completed the "1-2" yesterday. Went exactly as described in DC's instructions. Calculated to use 40 gallons of my 50. After removing canister media, H2O2 was introduced. Used the revised 2 tablespoon/10 gallon ratio. Introduced 8 tablespoons to tank while running medialess filter and Koralia pump. Plenty of circulation. Went for the prescribed 15 minute circulation time. At end, I pulled 50% out and started the refill. Checked the transfer hoses and found that they were coated in several kinds of algae. Used the MagFox cleaner. It worked ok, after a lot of elbow grease. Literally fell apart after two hoses and scratched the crap out of the exterior of the hoses. Will use brush/trimmer string method next time... As water was coming back up, added Excel as directed. Stood back and watched the gorgeous pearling on the plants. This morning, everyone is there. Plants ok. Fish ok. I'd have to say it was a successful operation!

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Been battling green water algae since I so brilliantly cultivated it a couple of months ago with a total tank replant, practically turning the substrate upside down plus leaving 4 39w T5s on for nearly 30 hours when I fell asleep for 12 hours during a little "break" in the new planting. Luckily, I had placed the light fixture back on the tank before my nap to admire my progress or else the green water algae might not have flourished so.

I tried the "one-two" punch as soon as I finished reading the OP yesterday: 16 tbsp (250ml/9oz) of H202 in my 55 allowing about 40+ gallons since I have rocks and also elevated substrate as a couple of "hills" on the sides. Ran my Eheim Ecco Pro Easy 80 empty of media baskets plus my Rio 400 full blast with the duck bill super thrust nozzle for crazy circulation. After 15 minutes I used both of my siphon vacuums to do a 50% water change with pristine RO water. I added the Excel when the tank was half empty and had it filled within 5 minutes - total water change was less than 20 minutes since I had 4 5 gallon jugs of water ready and so only had to fill one from my holding tank which is only about 30 steps away.

My 50 neon tetras, 8 Coreys, 5 green tiger barbs and 2 Thai algae eaters did not seem to dig it not one iota. Upon the shock of the H202 dump the barbs immediately quit pestering each other, the neons balled up into a still life of a school in the center of the tank, the algae eaters immediately quit begging for food and dashed into a thicket and all the coreys stopped wriggling around on the bottom and just froze where they were. I forgot to check out my assassins at the time to see how they were doing but they're here today along with all the others.

Today I have recharged my Vortex D-1 and will run it while scrubbing all the remnants of the (DEAD?) GWA from the glass and rocks. So we'll see.
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It worked!!!! Almost all of my dark brown algae is gone and now my plants are starting to grow fast and bright green again. I did one treatment of 9 tbsp for th 72 gallons without fish and then 10 tbsp with the discus and cardinals and plecos. Low and behold no deaths! Untile a couple of days later and then one cardinal vanished?! Not sure if the H2O2 killed him off or the discus wanted a midnight snack. Anyway, thanks a bunch for turning my tank around!

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Just tried this in my 150 gallon to combat the start of a hair algae outbreak. Tank has everything from shrimp and micro crabs to zebra plecos and nerite snails and nothing seemed to be even slighty stressed from the H2O2 and i added more then recommended. Will chime back in after a few days with updates
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Did 60mL for a 20g tank and lost 2 furcata rainbows. Cardinal tetras seemed stressed as well. Brown algae and green spot algae seems slightly diminished after 24hrs
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I performed the "One - Two Punch" on my tank last week. I had an abundance of BBA and other types of algae that were wreaking havoc in my tank, hence the need for treatment.
I'm happy to report that it worked for me. The BBA and other Algae are dead and I didn't lose any fish during the treatment.

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I've done this on my tank due to having a tonne of GHA and Cyano and a patch of BBA. Unfortunately I don't have any Excel so I just did the H2O2 part @ 3TBS per 10G. After a couple days it was all gone. However I had a bunch of healthy, propagating spiral val that all melted away after this treatment. Funny thing is they were the most healthy plant in the tank. I guess vals just don't respond well to this.
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Re: The "One-Two Punch" Whole Tank Algae Treatment

I can confirm survival of red cherry shrimp, snails (rams, pond, mystery/apple), neons tetra (which are typically finicky breed), flying foxes, and panda cory. I even did this 3 times in ome month as I was fighting green algae... everything subsided and tank is looking great.
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Tried this on my 20 long with good results. No fauna deaths and the only flora issues might have been a small ball of riccia I had free floating so no big deal.
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