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Originally Posted by blink View Post
Just a thought but all the aquarium canister filters I've ever seen work the same way, water is drawn in by siphon and flows through the filter via gravity and/or displacement from the siphon then goes into the pump for the return trip back to the tank.

The only canister filter I can think of that MIGHT work by pumping water IN is the API canister. I seem to recall that filter having it's pump inside the tank, but I don't remember if it's on the intake or the outflow.
Interesting. I had always thought the bigger models worked the right way. Since that's not the case I guess I'll stick with my original plan for the twenty gallon tank. I want to build the filter system like a scaled-down pool filter. That way I can backwash the filter to clean it and lower the water level for a water change simultaneously.

For those who haven't seen one in person, here's the underside of the Tom's filter body.

Untitled by SouthernGorilla

And with the foam installed on the pump intake.

Untitled by SouthernGorilla

The complete assembly with the foam and mesh on the left and the Nitra-Zorb pouch on the right.

Untitled by SouthernGorilla

The unit installed on the back of the tank. I've already replaced the return line with regular hose. The difference that made in the flow is incredible. Future plans call for a complete switch to PVC or nylon.

Untitled by SouthernGorilla
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