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I made an egregious error stepping into this heroine like hobby. I got 10 s+ CRS from Seachaz in Bothell and in a couple weeks ordered 20 SS and accidental SSS with shipment from a seller off [Ebay Link Removed] So far 2 berried females. I guess I can't really join this convo until I start culling. Reading everything on forums and keeping to general consensus from the wise ones on these beauties.

CRS Tank, mixed S+, SS, SSS (most are juvies)

29 Gallon old school Biocube planted
72-74 degrees
ph 6.6
kh 1
gh 4
dry fertz (everything but KNO3 and CSM+B) Following Tom Barr's EI schedule
CO2, 2 bps 24 hours
76 watts T5HO lighting 10 hours with 3 hour break mid day
eco complete substrate
AC 70, H.O.T. w/ bio wheel, sump connected to UGF (next week adding another canister w/ UV filter)
Various plants I have no idea the names just bought from Midway Pets and Burien's a Place for Pets.

Question: How do I decide what kinds of shrimp to cull out of my batch?
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