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Please help me diagnose my sick Betta

Hello Everyone,
A couple months ago I purchased a Halfmoon Betta from Petsmart. I set up a 5g for him. I noticed that my Bettas fins looked a little roughed up at the edges but figured that they would heal up. Over the last few months his fin condition has not improved. His fins are now frayed and have pieces missing. I think it is fin rot, but I am hesitant to use antibiotics. What is the best way to effectively treat fin rot?


Housing-5g tank
Temp - around 75F w/ heater
Filter-Yes, Tetra Whisper 5
Tank mates- cryptos, anubias, some floaters, some river rocks
Food- a variety:frozen blood worms, Hikari baby betta pellets, Tetra tropical flakes.
Maintenance- 50%water change every 4 weeks or so treated with Tetra aquasafe
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