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Thanks Chaos!

Just got rid of 24 Dwarf Neons and 24 Ornates. I planning on changing up the fish in the tank. Im thinking about making a big school of Glass Cats 20-25+, Bleeding Hearts 15+, 2-Bala Sharks for my big ones, and small schools 4-5 of Glolite Danios, Glolite Tetras, Dwarf Neons, Flame Rio Tetras,and Blue Tetras or just leave room for my LFS impulse buys ^^. I will also prolly put 2-3 Ornates and Parkinson's Rainbowfish. Got to move some DW and plants around too. The Anubias and Buces are getting huge. The Coffefolia is a beast right now growing like crazy since its so big, I need to get my light suspended so it can keep growing out and wont start a fire since it keeps leaving dead leaves at the top cause it cant grow through.
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