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So i am currently house sitting for my parents on the other side of town, which gave me the opportunity to visit a couple LFS that i don't normally get to visit. At one of them they had listed "HillStream loach" but nothing more. after much debate with myself (mostly if i wanted to make the 45min drive back to my apt) i decided to purchase two, after watching the poor guy try to catch two i decided it was amusing and i wanted a third (thats not mean is it?). so i got home and put them in the tank. and started my photo hunting to find out just what kind i had. after seeing another 10 or so hillsteam loachs that i now want to add to my collection i found them they are called Gastromyzon stellatus. mine are very young and not even close to full grown. but man are they cute. i can't wait for them to get comfortable in their new digs.
(this is just an onl-line photo i found i will post photos of mine when i am home again.)


Hillstream/Boreno Loach Refuge

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