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I think you're a bit mistaken about what forum members are trying to do: help you. Some members told you what you could do to try to revive your moss and encourage new growth. As a member (not just a moderator), I pointed out that it's illegal to import plant matter without proper documentation and encouraged you to support hobbyists inside the United States. It's not more expensive to do so than it is to illegally import plants.

Your best bet is to file an eBay/PayPal dispute with the company you bought from, get your money back and then use those funds to buy moss here on the forum. You'll not only get a larger quantity but it won't be dead when it arrives. An added bonus: It won't be an illegal importation.

Since you're new to the hobby, there's an obviously learning curve and you'll recover from the moss mistake quickly. We're attempting to guide you in the right direction so you get what you want, spend less money getting it and experience as little frustration as possible.

Originally Posted by newbieplanter View Post
Yea I know the prices, sorry but I have to put an end to this whol back an forth thing cuz I'm not getting the info I'm looks for but as my name states newbieplanter I placed one order with them the plants were fine when they got here then I know it was something I did that killed them it was just an expearament cuz I knew my turtles would either kill them or eat em anytime I get anything from eBay I want it fast so yea the store has great sales an prices but the shipping time I hate waiting for so if its any constellation to u or any other mail/ border/ patrol agents I won't be ordering from them any more as was my plan in the first place I'm sorry I offended u or anyone else by not spending my $10 for 3 orders of moss and 1 order of java fern here in the US I also didn't pay shipping. Now u can say I got double the order from them cuz their gonna replace all my plants that died that part I know for fact u will never get here in the US unless its comin from a friend and even then they make u pay for something. Thank You and Goodnight!
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