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Originally Posted by plamski View Post
PH 8.0-8.2 TDS 350 and up.KH 6-8,Temp 82-83F.A lot of algae.No other shrimps with them.They love spirulina powder and tabs.
Good general statement, however not accurate for all of them.

My Malawa for instance are in a tank with very little algae (I think the moss sucks up the nutients), Temp 78F, TDS 250 and below, and can be kept with other shrimp without a problem. For them Jake's Sticks, bee pollen, etc are fine.

Other Sulas are more defined in what they eat- such as the Harlequin which is thought to have a symbiotic relationship with live sponges, and so on. (Planetinverts pic) And also may be more defined with TDS and other params.

It really depends which Sula you decide to get, and understand the information for that specific shrimp.

Malawa are one of the easiest, Harlequins are one of the hardest.

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