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if you want to own a fish store, you could always supplement your income with your job, save up your monies, and open one. of course, a higher paying job will help out quite a bit with that.
i got several scholarship offers when i graduated highschool, but i decided to join the army instead. right now i am training for a different job(was infantry), but when i get out, i plan on going to college for limnology and go do work in places that desperately need it, in the middle east(been there. they NEED conservation work..). a big part of the reason i joined the army first was because i would get a chance to go to the defense language institute, the best language school on earth... ill need arabic to go to the places i want to work in.

5 years into the army, im halfway to my dream job

there are many different ways to get where you want to go, but you will most definitely have an easier time getting there, and faster, if you have good credentials along the way.
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