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Originally Posted by auban View Post
dont know what species this is, but instead of growing straight up like most ludwigias, it branches out. it assumed this shape without any pruning. i collected it in a remote blackwater stream in north carolina. this was grown under t12 lights, so it doesnt need too much color to get to be more red. i have never seen it look straight green.

i dont know if you would call it a slow grower, but it grows a LOT slower than my red ludwigia hybrid. it grows maybe just a touch faster than my ludwigia glandulosa. my glandulosa grows pretty quick though, i just clipped the top three or four inches of of every branch of L glandulosa last week, and i need to trim it again. it grows 3-5 inches a week for me...
Yikes. 3-5 inches is a lot in one week. I basically have so much co2 in my tank that no fish survive.
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