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im sorry it is mgops. i had it in the tank for 3 days with just a little water . was like slop i waited for the excess water to evap smoothed it all to same height then scooped all flourite out of 29 g smoothed that out to same height and filled with water waited till the smoke cleared and then put all the plants in. its bin emmersed for 3 days i think i have a lot of plants i think idk and co2 so im gonna do a water change today with tap. just worried cause im gettin some crs today and they are going in there.
i think the co2 will keep the ph low enough and as far as the excess nitrate and ammonia i think bc the flourite was allready very cycled and 29 had about 25 fish 15 cherry shrimp 4 snails 6 amano shrimp and i pop those little crap snails every time i see them i had a preety nice bioload already wasnt like a shock. so everything was easyier idk
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